There has been a dramatic increase in food allergies around the world - mostly in children. Currently, there is no cure or preventative medicine that can be taken. Raising awareness is crucial. Please help keep food allergy sufferers safe by watching and sharing TRIGGER. TRIGGER is an independent, not for profit campaign. Our aim is to simply raise awareness. By doing this we hope to make things a little easier on food allergy sufferers, their families, teachers and caregivers. Thank You.


The Need For Airlines To Come On Board With Food Allergies

Food allergies can be a frightening medical condition and there is no cure; the only method of protection is total avoidance of the allergen(s) in … Read More »


World Allergy Week 2014

World Allergy Week 2014 will highlight anaphylaxis and call for education, preparedness, and prevention. World Allergy Organization stresses … Read More »


The Psychosocial needs of food allergy sufferers and their families addressed at AAAAI conference

Those of us who live and deal with food allergies on a daily basis know first-hand the real impact of living with food allergies and it goes well … Read More »

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