There has been a dramatic increase in food allergies around the world - mainly in children. Currently there is no cure for food allergies and no definitive answer as to what is causing them. What is agreed is that raising awareness is crucial. TRIGGER AWARENESS is a not for profit initiative raising much needed awareness to help PROTECT and ENHANCE the lives of children with food allergies and sufferers everywhere.


New Probiotic peanut allergy study – Don’t try this at home!

There has been much excitement following the release of the Australian Murdoch Children's Research Institute study into probiotics, which offers hope … Read More »


THE KEY: Educate those that don’t have food allergies to protect those that do.

To keep themselves safe, food allergy sufferers have no other choice but to avoid the food they are allergic to. Therefore, unlike any other disease, … Read More »


Nobel Foundation: Leading Allergy Researcher Prof. Barry Marshall Is ‘More Popular’ Than Albert Einstein

According to the Nobel Foundation, Australia’s Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Barry Marshall, is more popular than Albert Einstein. In fact, … Read More »

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