There has been a dramatic increase in food allergies around the world - mainly in children. Currently there is no cure for food allergies and no definitive answer as to what is causing them. What is agreed is that raising awareness is crucial. TRIGGER AWARENESS is a not for profit initiative raising much needed awareness to help PROTECT and ENHANCE the lives of children with food allergies and sufferers everywhere.


Tis The Season To Be Safe

It’s the most social time of the year with Christmas parties where family and friends get together, usually involving some level of dining … Read More »


Why The Food Allergy Community Isn’t Laughing

The state of Michigan recently produced 2 jarring examples of the need to increase awareness and understanding about the dangers of food allergies and … Read More »


Empowering Kids Who Face Food Allergy Related Bullying

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. Whether physical or verbal, it can have a tremendous impact on a child’s emotional well-being. Children … Read More »

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