Australia shows it cares about food allergies

Throughout May, many buildings and bridges around the world lit up in teal for Food Allergy Awareness Month.
‘Turn it Teal’ was started by US mother Stephanie Lowe, with the aim to light as many prominent monuments and buildings in teal,
the shade associated with food allergy awareness.

TRIGGER FOOD ALLERGY AWARENESS helped turn the initiative into a global movement in 2017 when the iconic Sydney Town Hall became first building outside North America to take part in the ‘Turn It Teal’movement.
This year, in Sydney, the iconic Sydney Town Hall shined for the third time on Mother’s Day.
Brisbane joined ‘Turn It Teal’ in 2018 and once again this year, illuminating both its Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge.
Perth came aboard last year and this year put the spotlight on food allergy awareness by lighting its Trafalgar Bridge in teal.
Melbourne is the latest Australian city to ‘Turn It Teal’ and lit up the grand Melbourne Town Hall in teal for several days.

TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness founder Grace Farah says: ‘The Turn It Teal initiative is such a great idea; I knew we had to bring it to Australia… we have had amazing support from the Australian community.’
‘When people see a building or a bridge lit up in teal it starts a conversation and raises food allergy awareness. It also shows our children and families dealing with food allergies every day that Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth care … that Australia cares.’

‘We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all the great people on the Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth councils who have helped light up some of their city’s iconic structures in support of the food allergy community.Thank you for seeing the importance of this initiative and paving the way for other cities and other countries to join in making this a global movement.
Other countries to participate this year included the U.K., Ireland, Dubai and Jordan.’

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