Calls For Restaurants To Use Color Coded Plates To Prevent Allergies

Allergy Sufferers and their families are calling for new regulations that require restaurants to
have color-coded plates to represent each type of allergen, to significantly reduce the risk of severe
anaphylactic reactions. Many people are supporting the idea, but many restauranteurs and small buisiness owners are against the idea, calling it more “red tape” they would have to adhere to.

Restaurant and Catering Industry Association executive Wes Lambert said they idea of mandating color coded plates is “absolute madness,” and that “Color-coded plates would mean that if someone ordered an allergy-free item and the restaurant had run out of the colored plate, they wouldn’t be able to serve the item.”

Other proposed ideas include a card that states allergens, that would be passed to the chef and the kitchen, and returned with the meal, “double-checking mechanisms” that make it impossible for the wrong plate to be served to the wrong person, and mandatory training for all food service workers, much like the safe alcohol practice laws.

A representative of Food Standards Australia New Zealand said it was reviewing food safety regulations and “working closely with the food industry, consumer groups and government … to look at ways to manage the risks associated with food allergens”.


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