Turn It Teal This May

This year, despite the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19, TRIGGER AWARENESS will once again join with TURN IT TEAL to raise food allergy awareness.

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month, a dedicated time to help increase awareness of food allergies and help to protect those at risk. TRIGGER AWARENESS will once again join with TURN IT TEAL to raise food allergy awareness by continuing to light prominent structures around the world in teal, the hue of food allergies.

This year Australia will continue to shine the teal spotlight in:

We welcome Launceston, Tasmania, which joins the initiative this year and will light up the beautiful Launceston Town Hall from May 1 – May 4, 2020.
Brisbane joined us in 2018 and this year will illuminate both its Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge on Monday, May 11.
Perth will put a teal spotlight on food allergy awareness for the third consecutive year by lighting its Trafalgar Bridge in teal on Friday, 15th and Saturday, 16th May.

TURN IT TEAL was created by Cleveland, Ohio native Stephanie Lowe, who founded ‘Turn it Teal’ in 2014. The aim of which was to light as many prominent monuments and buildings as possible to highlight Food Allergy Awareness Month.
At TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness we are proud to have helped to make the initiative global with the lighting of the Sydney Town Hall in 2017,
being the first building outside of North America to turn teal in support of Food Allergy Awareness.

For more information about this initiative please visit turnitteal.org or email us at info@triggerawareness.org – Thank you.

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