Comedians Stand Up For Food Allergies – Say It’s No Laughing Matter


SPOTLIGHT On Comedian Mike Vinn: Former United States Marine and popular San Diego comedian Mike Vinn shares his story on how food allergies have affected his life. He joins other comedians to ‘Stand Up for Food Allergies’ next Tuesday night at The Comedy Store in La Jolla.

How did you learn about food allergies?

 “Food allergies came into my life three different times. First was when I was in the Marine Corps and a member of my platoon was allergic to shellfish. This was the first time I heard of such a thing. The second time was when I started working with Steven Garza. He too is allergic to shellfish. But the one that has actually changed my everyday routine was when I started dating the love of my life. Her son is the one that has a peanut dust allergy.”

How have food allergies affected your daily life?

“They’ve made me way more aware and cautious with everything I do and where I go when we are all together. I now have to constantly read labels at the grocery store and alert restaurants that we are there. I have to constantly ask people ingredients and fill out forms and make special arrangements when we travel. Kids birthday parties and holidays like Halloween scare the ever living hell out of you because of all the potential peanut products.”

Why is it important to stand up for food allergies and raise awareness? 

“We need to raise awareness so people are educated on the subject. I don’t believe that you can change anything without first educating those that can help you do so. The more people are aware to this matter, the more things can be done and precautions made so we can keep our loved ones safe.”

What is the hardest thing about dealing with food allergies?

“ It’s routine now so I’d have to say the inconvenience of always having to tell people to please not have those products around my kid is definitely one of them. Another hearing about how at lunch he had to sit at the allergy table at school all by himself, again. That one is heart-breaking.”

What message do you want people to know about food allergies?

 “My message is that Food Allergies are serious and deadly; and to imagine yourself as a small innocent and almost helpless child that knows that you are one accident away from dying and they put that accident all around you, especially in candy. Think of how scary that is and how much mentally that puts on your still developing soul.”

Describe the activity you and your family will do when a cure for food allergies is found?
“Probably put peanut butter in the dog’s mouth so he can see first-hand how hilarious that looks in person.”

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