Coping with the daily stress of food allergies

The first thing you need to know is you aren’t alone!.

Unlike the stress associated with other chronic conditions, which can be managed by medication or surgery, food allergies have no cure and the only way to avoid tragic or stressful incidents is pure avoidance of the foods in question.

However, it is KEY that you make a plan and prepare for emergencies that will likely arise sometime and consult with your doctor on    this emergency action plan.

Ultimately, finding ways to deal with the stress associated with worrisome food allergies is important for your overall physical and psychological health.

Here are a few ways to manage the stress:

1. Adopt a stress management plan; this can be as simple as using breathing techniques or going for regular walks or exercise.

2. Talk about it; often times, expressing your concerns or talking about them can assist greatly. Communicate with family and friends and even join a support group to share experiences with people sharing the same concern.Finding others who face these challenges is an important and effective way of alleviating your stress.

3. Communicate with your doctor or even seek the help of a trained councilor.

4. Learn all you can about food allergies and how you can manage them. Information is key.

If you have any tips you would like to share on how you cope with the day to day anxieties associated with food allergies please join in the conversation.

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