Eczema linked to hard water and stress

Usually eczema and food allergies exist together in children. Eczema is a host of conditions characterized by red, irritated skin. It’s not an allergy itself, but can be triggered by an allergic reaction. Infants and children are affected more often than adults.

According to the Journal of Enviromental Research recent studies have linked hard water with childhood eczema.

The study of 358 kids (aged five to six) found those who were atopic – prone to allergic diseases – and who washed in hard water were prone to eczema. There was also a link between eczema and the combination of being atopic and swimming in chlorinated pools. Disruption of the skin by salts in hard water and by chlorine-based chemicals in pools might explain the links.

Meanwhile, cases of adult eczema are on the rise during tough economic times.

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