Empowering Kids Who Face Food Allergy Related Bullying

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. Whether physical or verbal, it can have a tremendous impact on a child’s emotional well-being.

Children with food allergies carry an extra burden when it comes to bullying because they already have the responsibility of taking care of themselves medically without having to worry about others trying to harm, taunt or isolate them. While anti-bullying campaigns are essential, we believe child empowerment is also the key to dealing with this issue.

Therefore, we have created our TRIGGER Awareness ‘EmpowA Kids’ campaign.

As parents of children with food allergies, we  know  the diligence and inner strength required  for food allergy sufferers to keep themselves safe day in, day out- whether it is saying no to food, always carrying medication, reading  food labels or dealing with unexpected reactions and other ongoing challenges.

It takes a lot of work by these children and that is why we believe children with food allergies are ‘SupA!’

With your support, we will provide FREE online films and materials that will educate and celebrate the strength of children with food allergies everywhere.

We would truly appreciate you help to achieve this.

You can take part in 3 ways:

1. Share your story if you have a food allergy sufferer you believe is a ‘SupA Kid?’
Let us know about them and what makes them ‘SupA’ by emailing us at info@triggerawareness.org  (Please note your story may be included in our upcoming documentary film)

2. Go to www.youcaring.com/triggerawareness and make a donation to help us create effective, educational and relevant films that praise children with food allergies and their efforts.

3. Help us spread the word, share our facebook posts and help us get the message out there www.facebook.com/triggerawareness

Thank You.

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