Family claims their two daughters were kicked out of school because of severe food allergies

A Los Gatos family in the U.S. is claiming their 9-year-old and 7-year old daughters were asked to leave their  elementary school because of their severe nut allergies.

Shuly and Joe Edwards whose daughters have severe life threatening allergies claim their  requests to have the school provide nut-free classrooms and  send letters to the other parents warning them that the girl’s suffer from these allergies was the reason behind the schools decision to ask them to leave.

The school claims the allergies had nothing to do with the decision, stating instead that the expulsions were based on recently discovered information that showed the family did not actually live in the proper district for attendance at the school.
The family said four previous schools have also asked them to leave, with administrators actually citing the girl’s severe, life-threatening nut allergies as the reason.

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