Find the reason, find the cure for Food Allergies

We came across an interesting interview with Maria Acebal, former CEO of the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, who says there is much work to be done finding a cure for food allergies; “The best hope we have right now for a treatment is immunotherapy and that is what people are putting their hopes in,” said Acebal. She further stated, “Before you can solve a problem, you must understand it.”

To date, researchers and scientists are at a loss to find the exact cause for the rapid global increase in food allergies with several theories being explored. In our TRIGGER film professor Hugh Sampson one of the worlds leading experts in the field, believes it is environmentally related. We agree, but what is it exactly?

Some speculate it is related to genetically modified food? GMO crops, which are genetically modified to make them grow faster, bear more fruit or create their own insecticide. Some point the finger at insecticides being used? While some believe ‘The Hygiene Hypothesis’ which is basically the idea that we keep our houses and environment too clean, which inadvertently weakens our immune system by removing early exposure to germs and allergens that would normally result in a stronger defense mechanism within the body.

Could it be Atmospheric pollution? or is it a lack of sunlight exposure and low vitamin D level (allergies and anaphylaxis are more common in the north and their prevalence decreases in the south)

Is is a combination of all these factors or is it something else?

We would like to know your thoughts.

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