Food Allergies and Travel


One of the most difficult challenges related to food allergies is dealing with them while you travel. Let’s face it, part of enjoying life is taking a holiday now and then, but doing so with a child with food allergies requires some planning and preparation.

Here are a few tips we found and welcome yours; 

  • Bring a note from you doctor in both English and the Destination Country’s language; this is important to verify anything you might have to confirm with customs officials, security staff, hotel concierges and so on.
  • Research the food policies of various airlines; some like to hand out copious amounts of bags of peanuts during the flight which, even if you refuse them still puts dangerous allergens all over the plane on other’s hands, seats, trays, etc.
  • Research the Customs Policies of the Destination Country; any exceptions allowed like being pre-prepared meals and epipens require an adherence to their specific guidelines; in short, ‘to get along, you play along.’
  • Pack extra medication in your carry on bag and bring snacks your child can eat.
  • Clean your child’s hands regularly on the flight and during the trip; some children have reactions just by coming into contact with certain foods and an airplane, by its nature, is filled with allergens and germs(crowded space, lots of people, several who are sick during each flight, etc.)
  • Pack a stack of reading books, crayons and paper (to keep them occupied:)

 Remember, a holiday is supposed to be fun for everyone and as ‘worry free’ as you can make it. With solid preparation and planning we hope you all have a wonderful time away!

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