Food Allergy Anxiety and Stress – the unspoken truth.

Since creating and launching our TRIGGER film there has been one element of the film that has resonated with sufferers, parents, teachers and caregivers-  the often unspoken area of the related stress and anxiety experienced by not only those with food allergies but those trying to keep them safe.

We have been amazed by the amount of feedback from parents and teachers who, until seeing the film felt the stress and anxiety they felt trying to keep food allergy sufferers safe was theirs and theirs alone; most experiencing associated guilt not wanting to express the impact for fear of having it misinterpreted as complaining.

The truth of the matter is that keeping a food allergy sufferer safe requires non-stop vigilance day in and day out, not just what they are eating but what they are touching as well. While food allergies are manageable this never ending cycle of vigilance can impact on the sufferer and those caring for them.  It could also be possibly impacting on their own health as well?

Yet no one is talking about it? Why is that?

Shouldn’t this be an area that is addressed by the medical, scientific and food allergy community?

Shouldn’t this be discussed and researched so that policy makers get a better sense of what is going on in the real world and factor that in to better assist sufferers, their parents and teachers?

While it is important not to show your child the impact their food allergies is having on you,  it is also important to know that you’re  not alone and talking about your concerns and feelings with your doctor or friends is OK.

Research into this impact and a wider understanding of the issue needs to be addressed and policies implemented.

Please share your stories, thoughts and let’s get the conversation started.

Thank You.


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