Have Food Allergies? You are not alone

Many children with food allergies report that they feel “isolated or different” because of their food allergies. Although it is important that children understand the seriousness of their food allergies it is also important for them to know that food allergies are manageable and don’t have to control their life.

It often helps to let them know about the many successful and talented people who also live with food allergies every day and don’t let it stop them.

Famous people who have food allergies include;

Halle Berry: The Oscar winning actress is allergic to shrimp.

Zooey Deschanel: The ‘New’ Girl actress is allergic to eggs, dairy and wheat.

Serena Williams: The tennis champion is allergic to peanuts.

Jessica Simpson: The singer is allergic to tomatoes, wheat, and milk.

Bill Clinton: The Former U.S. President is allergic to chocolate and flour.

Malia Obama: The daughter of the current U.S. president has a peanut allergy.

Sharing stores of celebrities and athletes who have to live with and manage their food allergies helps food allergic children relate to the world and those they admire and reiterates the message that they are not alone.

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