Hidden allergens lurking in everyday products

In the world of dealing with food allergies vigilance is key but despite how vigilant a food allergy sufferer or their caregiver can be, it’s not uncommon for many to be unaware of the lurking dangers hidden in everyday foods and items.

‘Early on when our daughter was diagnosed with being severely allergic to all nuts, we had no idea that dog food and dog biscuits may contain nuts, we didn’t have a dog and would never have thought that by her handling a biscuit to our friend’s dog it would trigger a major reaction. It did and a hard lesson was learned’ – Grace Farah (TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness Founder).

To help, here is a list of some products to keep an eye out for;

Pet food; While not made for human consumption, some pet foods do contain allergens and even handling them may trigger a reaction.

Sunscreen; You may not think to check the labels for sunscreen and lotions but some contain tree nut oils or almond extracts.

Tuna; Some brands of canned tuna contain casein, a milk protein.

Pasta; Some processed cooked pastas contain eggs or are processed on equipment also used to produce egg-containing pastas.

Vitamin supplements; check labels as some may contain soy, wheat and egg allergens.

Toothpaste; Keep an eye out for all natural toothpastes that may have natural fruit extracts as flavorings, including strawberries.

Stamps and envelopes; wheat is a common ingredient in glue and may potentially be present in stamps and envelopes.

Please let us know if you have any other products you would like to bring to the attention of our community members; thank you.

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