How to spot the signs of bullying

Children can find it hard to speak about what’s going on if they’re being bullied, many will opt to say nothing.

So it is important parents and teachers know how to spot the signs that bullying may be occurring, which may include:
1. physical injuries like unexplained bruises and scratches
2. reluctance to go to school
3. lower academic performance
4. moodiness, withdrawal, tension and tears after school or kindy
5. talk of hating school
6. refusal to discuss what’s happening at school
7. bed wetting, altered sleep patterns or having nightmares
8. changes in eating habits (such as loss of appetite or overeating)
9. major changes in relationships and friendships with others
10. getting into trouble more often, and acting out

These signs can point to other issues so you need to talk to your child and let them feel that it is ok for them to share their feelings and reveal what is going on.

 We also urge you contact your school and discuss the matter.

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