‘If you could let people know one thing about your food allergy what would it be?’


‘Please just be more aware so I can feel safe.’ -G.G. age 9; San Diego, CA

‘If I eat the food I am allergic to my throat closes up and I struggle to breathe.’ -Marlene; Sydney, Australia

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month and an opportunity for all to learn and do more for those suffering with these life threatening conditions. Raising the level of awareness and understanding among those who do not have these allergies is crucial to protect those that do. Many who deal with food allergies often complain they are frustrated that their medical condition isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.

We believe the majority of people are compassionate and would certainly do anything in their power to keep children safe, but far too many simply remain unaware of just how dangerous their ignorance is as it contributes to unsafe environments for kids struggling with severe food allergies.

Help us educate others by sending us videos that simply answer the question;

‘If you could let people know one thing about your food allergies what would it be?’

Tell us the most important message you want those in the non-allergy community to understand because we’re all part of a single community and until everyone is aware, kids will continue to be at risk.

Send your videos to info@triggerawareness.org;

We will be posting your videos on our website and showing them via social media platforms. We may also use your video in an upcoming TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness Video.

Thank you!

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