‘Let there be Jelly-Jello cake’ – Allergy kids creatively coping with food allergies

Is there an upside to food allergies? We asked a group of children and expected the answer to be a resounding ‘NO, there is nothing good about food allergies!’ and as parents of such we would agree knowing the vigilance required to keep them safe: Everything from reading all food labels, always carrying medication, the ritual of investigating all ingredients when eating out, ensuring there is no cross contamination, always washing hands etc.

But children are a resilient bunch and as it turns out- an optimistic one as well! TRIGGER founder Grace Farah’s 8 year old daughter took part in the discussion and says although she suffers from peanut, eggs and seafood allergies, she loves to cook and explore other ways to create food. For example, for her mother’s birthday, she prepared a ‘Jelly-Jello Cake’ as she calls it.

Her mother says ‘it was tough to say ok make a cake and trust in everything we had taught her, but we were ecstatic that not only had she been learning about how to live with her food allergies but she had taken it a step further by using her allergies to find more creative solutions to a social situation that previously had saddened her.’ Now, all of their family and friends receive ‘Jelly-Jello cakes’ for their birthday.

Meanwhile, 10 year-old Toby, who only recently became allergic to nuts, also prefers to find a positive or lighter side to his allergies. Toby says while it’s been tough to get used to, he does like that he doesn’t have to eat his peas and beans anymore because they are legumes and he can’t have them! His mother Therese, says his positive attitude has made it easier on the whole family to cope.

13 year old Jesse who is allergic to milk, eggs and some fruits says that having food allergies  has made her and her family pay better attention to their diet and that she feels more informed than her friends on the importance of healthy eating because of her allergies.

As parents of food allergy children we, of course, cannot wait for the day when a cure for food allergies is found and that people are no longer burdened with the threat of food harming them. However, we do take comfort in the knowledge that kids are out their actively managing food allergies and are turning proverbial lemons into lemonade and cake into ‘Jelly-Jello cake’.

If you would like to share your child’s story on how they have become creative or cope with food allergies please email us; info@triggerallergy.com  – Thank You.



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