New Global Strategies To Combat Food Allergies

Food allergies are a large and growing public health problem, affecting up to 250 million worldwide and while research teams from around the globe race to find a cure, communities from around the world are tackling the issue of how best to protect food allergy sufferers  in their local area.

Japanese authorities have set up a panel of experts to consider if food allergy labeling for restaurants should be introduced. The panel is set to study how to inform restaurant customers about allergy-causing ingredients in prepared food – a category not subject to existing labeling regulations.

One of the major hurdles will be the extensive menus that change constantly but food allergy sufferers there are excited that the conversation for safer dining experiences has begun.

Meanwhile, in Canada the city of Hamilton will put food allergy auto-injectors into some local food courts as part of a pilot project that could eventually see them placed in every food court and restaurant in the city. The pilot study is being closely monitored by internationally groups to measure how effective it is and whether the model can be then adopted elsewhere.

Finally, Swiss International Airlines will become the world’s first certificated allergy-friendly airline. The carrier is set to introduce a range of ground and in-flight products to help allergy sufferers. Lactose and gluten-free snacks and drinks, synthetic pillows and gentle-to-the-skin soaps are some of the changes plus allergy sufferers will be able to pre-order special meals tailored to their needs. The hope being that all airlines will start to accommodate passengers with food allergies .

We applaud all these initiatives and congratulate everyone that strives to make life safer for food allergy sufferers and their families.

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