New Drug Could Reduce Peanut Allergies

A new drug treatment could reduce and possibly cure peanut allergies.

Tanax Pharmaceuticals, the drug developer says the drug, called TNX-901, works by neutralising antibodies that set off severe allergic reactions.

Michelle DeSantis, of Tanax Pharmaceuticals, explains ‘In the study, 84 people suffering from immediate hypersensitivity to peanuts  were given TNX-901 or a placebo every month for four months. The level at which peanuts triggered allergic reactions rose, on average,  from around half a peanut to almost nine peanuts – which should give a  significant protection from most exposures.’

The research showed that a person who might previously have suffered a severe reaction – often breathing difficulties requiring immediate medical treatment – from eating a food containing three or four peanuts might get away with a little itching and inflammation.

In Britain, where the drug will soon be assessed in trials, TNX-901 could be available in as little as two years.

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