Nobel Foundation: Leading Allergy Researcher Prof. Barry Marshall Is ‘More Popular’ Than Albert Einstein

According to the Nobel Foundation, Australia’s Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Barry Marshall, is more popular than Albert Einstein. In fact, Professor Marshall is now ranked as the second most popular Nobel winner after Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. with Albert Einstein holding down the third spot.

Professor Barry Marshall and colleague Robin Warren won the prize in 2005 for proving that Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, rather than stress was the cause of stomach ulcers. Professor Marshall garnished attention after swallowing a potentially dangerous bacteria concoction containing helicobacter pylori in order to support his research.

The foundation says the popularity was measured by the frequency of which online material produced by the prize winners was accessed on their website

The professor is currently leading research to find out whether the bacterium that made him famous can prevent food allergies.

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