Our TRIGGER Campaign

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of our TRIGGER campaign.

What started out as a simple plan to make a film that was accessible to everyone in the hopes of raising awareness to help teachers- like my daughter’s kindergarten teacher (Mrs. E) who inspired the idea for the project – and families struggling to protect their children diagnosed with food allergies has put us on an awareness journey we could never imagined.

Launching TRIGGER, seeing the amazing response, experiencing some of the roadblocks has opened our eyes to the very real need to raise awareness and keep an honest, open dialogue going so we can all learn as much as possible.   Throughout this first year we have been blessed with many highs including acknowledgment via the World Allergy Organization, We were equally blessed and humbled to be acknowledge on the floor in the Australian Federal parliament. Thank you to Senator Fiona Nash and other politicians who recognized the importance of this project.

There were many other moments of support that gave us hope and inspired us to continue our efforts, We would like to thank every organisation who has helped us along the way including FREEDOM FOODS, The PTA (U.S), Early Childhood Australia, our friends in the media and the list goes on.

Finally, we would like to thank every single person who has helped us along the way- from our inner circle who go beyond the call of duty every day (Jo, BC, Malary, Monny, Angela, Vee ) to active parents/community members and of course – You, who are reading this now.

We want you to know that it is your likes, your emails and your passion that drives us harder on days when we are exhausted or have been deflated. These experiences have shown us the real need to have FREE information available to all.

Moving forward, We remain committed to providing FREE independent films and FREE resources until a Cure for Food Allergies is found.

Again, Thank You.


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