Parents of Non-allergic kids show empathy for kids with nut allergies at school

The results of a new survey from the University of Michigan reveal that most parents of children without nut allergies support school policies that protect children who suffer from nut allergies, even if it restricts what their own children bring to school.

Researchers from the university’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital surveyed more than 800 parents of elementary age children nationwide and found  fifty-eight percent of parents whose children didn’t have allergies favored a special nut-free area of the lunchroom that would be safe for allergic kids. Sixty-one percent  were also willing to outlaw homemade snacks in classrooms in order to protect children with allergies.

The results provide comfort to parents of those children afflicted with severe food allergies as it clearly demonstrates others in and around their community support their efforts to protect their children while at school.


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