Research: Hospital admissions for dangerous food allergies continue to rise

Hospital admissions of children with severe, potentially life-threatening food allergy reactions are on the rise in many developed countries.

A new U.S. study by Northwestern Medicine found the rate of emergency room visits of children with severe food allergy reactions nearly tripled in the state of Illinois over five years.

Lead study author Dr. Ruchi Gupta, “This study is really important because it shows the impact food allergies are having.”

Meanwhile, researchers in Australia have found the number of admissions to Australian hospitals because of severe allergic reactions has grown by 50 percent since 2005.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s (MCRI) Professor Mimi Tang said the highest rates of hospital admissions were in younger children, but there was a 110 percent increase in rates in older children (aged 5 – 14).

The implication from both these studies is that rates of serious allergic reactions are increasing at a compounding rate.

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