Senator Fiona Nash Takes ‘TRIGGER’ To Parliament

Yesterday our TRIGGER film and food allergy awareness campaign was put on the national political stage and brought to the attention of our leaders thanks to the amazing efforts of Nationals Deputy Senate Leader, Fiona Nash.
We can not fully express how grateful we are to have such amazing support from Senator Nash who cares as deeply as we do about the challenges facing parents, teachers and administrators who tend to the well-being of children struggling with this. THANK YOU.
Here is a portion of her speech; (the video will be made available on the site soon)

This issue I have raised today is not something that is above the radar or something that we talk about in this place very often, which is precisely the reason I wanted to raise it. It is a big issue for many parents and carers out there in the community who are trying to look after children who have a food allergy and trying to keep them safe day after day after day. Those of us with children who do not have this difficulty to deal with can only imagine what it must be like to be consciously vigilant day after day and indeed, as I said earlier, to deal with an emergency when it does occur.

Hopefully, we can reduce the prevalence of these incidents by raising awareness of food allergies right around the country and how important it is for all of us to understand and know that we need to be aware and that there are things we can do. Grace would very much like to see schools informed of the availability of the film and perhaps encouraged to disseminate the information to parents and to consider whether this is something they would like to place on their website. We need to look at every avenue we possibly can to make sure that we do raise awareness of this issue. Not only is it very important to Grace as a mother and to her family; she is reflective of all those families across the community that have to deal with this very difficult issue. It is a responsibility that falls to us in this place to raise that awareness and to make sure that people know about this very difficult condition.

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