Study: Taking Probiotics during pregnancy may reduce the risk of developing food allergies

The study, from refreshed analysis of 25 past studies published in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests pregnant women taking probiotics may lower the risk of allergies in their babies.

A team of U.S Researchers analyzed the results of trials given during pregnancy or within the first year of a child’s life and found a reduced risk of developing allergies.

The study found Babies who were exposed to probiotics in the womb and received supplements after birth had a 12 percent lower risk of allergies in the following months and years than kids who didn’t. They didn’t, however, have a lower risk of asthma.

Researcher Erick Forno of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh sums up the current results which contradicts other existing research ; “Based on our findings, probiotics have a protective effect against allergies, but we still have things to learn before we can give general advice to the public.”

Researches believe the varied results probably have to do with the strains chosen: different studies use different strains of bacteria, and there is no consensus yet on which strains would be the “best.”

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