Teen dies from nut allergy after restaurant visit

 A Macon mother is preparing to bury her 15-year-old son after an allergic reaction to a nut.

Diallo Robbins-Brinson was eating at a Jonesboro, Henry County, Golden Corral when he stopped breathing and collapsed at the restaurant.

He was there with his soccer team when, his mother said, he ate a cookie and had an allergic reaction.
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This is truly heartbreaking and our prayers and thoughts are with his family.
We here at ‘TRIGGER’ have long believed that epinephrine/adrenaline auto injectors should be made mandatory in all first aid kits and should be compulsory in all schools, restaurants and public places.
Is it not logical that given the rise of food allergy cases we need to have them included as part of first aid kits?

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