The Balance – can you be too protective?

The nervous journey of being a parent of a food allergy child never ceases.

Karen’s email is an example of this;

‘Our family is set to embark on our daughter’s first school trip and despite knowing her teachers are highly trained and very allergy aware I still can’t escape the nerves of what might happen’.

 Karen isn’t alone in her fear. When our six year old went on her first field trip to the zoo. My first reaction was to ask if I could chaperone. I knew her teachers were well trained but despite this I couldn’t escape the knot that  was in my stomach.

As parents are we being overly protective or is this a hurdle that many parents of food allergy sufferers experience? There is that fine balance of wanting to protect them and also wanting them to lead an ordinary life.

Here are some tips from FAAN;–anaphylaxis-network-guidelines



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