THE KEY: Educate those that don’t have food allergies to protect those that do.

To keep themselves safe, food allergy sufferers have no other choice but to avoid the food they are allergic to. Therefore, unlike any other disease, food allergy sufferers rely on the public’s level of awareness to help keep them safe.

Whether it is the waiter that takes their order at a cafe they rely on them to ensure the allergen isn’t in their meal and hasn’t been cross contaminated or it’s the food label they read relying on the information to be correct or the school they attend relying on them to have the correct procedures and policies in place to protect them.

Despite a food allergic child’s diligence in avoiding allergens, reading food labels, washing their hands regularly, always bringing their medicine bags with them and fighting off the temptation to try new foods they still require the help and understanding of others in the community.

At TRIGGER AWARENESS we believe you must educate those who do not have food allergies, in order to protect those that do. This is ‘key’ to who and what we are. Unlike any other initiative related to food allergies, our focus remains on producing and providing FREE documentary films and online videos so they may be accessed, utilized and help all in the community.

Our next documentary film will focus on the alarming issue of food allergy related bullying giving food allergy sufferers the much needed tools and skills to learn about bullying and how to best deal with it and educate their classmates who don’t understand how dangerous and how hurtful their actions truly are.

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