The never knowing

Food Allergies are especially tough to cope with due to the fact that reactions can occur anywhere and at anytime. It isn’t just what the sufferer eats that can cause an effect; often it is simply what they come into contact with or touch.

Although most will try to control the environment to make it as safe possible, experts believe that children are most at risk when their regular routine is broken- whether it is going on a school excursion, attending a special event or going out.
Recorded deaths from anaphylaxis have most often occurred in situations where the emergency medication has not been readily available and/or has not been administered as soon as possible. Naturally these incidents happen when a child is somewhere they are not usually.

Therefore, the best way to combat this state of ‘never knowing’ we suggest creating a checklist to cover all possible changes to your child’s routine and have a strategy in place. For example, ‘Is their new staff personnel associated with this event if so, you will need to brief them about your child’s allergies, emergency action plan, etc.

Preparation is key to prevention.

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