There is hope.

Firstly, thank you to every single person that is currently part of the ‘TRIGGER’ community. It is your passion, emails and comments that powers us along.
We received an email from a mother we’d like to share (and please keep them coming).
In it she tells us of a trial that her son is currently part of;
‘TRIGGER’  is a great film, I’ve watched
it a few times. I have sent it on to others including a physician
who is currently conducting a peanut oral immunotherapy research study. My five year old son has been one of the
participants. He began with a severe peanut allergy – has had anaphylaxsis and could not touch peanut residue. After a year, this past Monday, he was able to eat 13 peanuts worth of peanut flour! Yesterday, he tastes peanut butter for the first time.
I am encouraged that this research could be headed toward treatment of severe food allergies.

This is great news though obviously still in the trial stages, but with research and trials being conducted around the world it is our hope that a cure for food allergies will be found soon and then we will happily go fishing:)

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