Trigger Awareness Celebrates Fourth Birthday

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of our Trigger Food Allergy Awareness Initiative.

What started out as a simple idea to make a film that was accessible to everyone in the hopes of raising awareness to help teachers- like my daughter’s kindergarten teacher (Mrs. E) who expressed a wish that she had something to ‘show students and parents’ to educate them on the real dangers of food allergies and the potential lethal reaction they have – launched this four year journey.

After launching ‘TRIGGER AWARENESS’, seeing the amazing response as well as experiencing some of the roadblocks, we know the real need to raise awareness and the impact understanding has on the lives of those with food allergies. These experiences have shown us the real need to have information made available to all.

I would like to thank everyone who helped us along the way and thank our hard working team of Jo, BC, Sue J, Giv, Tas, Tye, Jenny and to all the active food allergy parents/community members and of course – YOU, who are reading this now. We want you to know that it is the inspiring food allergy community, teachers, parents, medical professionals and the amazing food allergy children that drives us further.

Moving forward, we remain passionate and committed to providing FREE independent films and resources until a CURE for food allergies is found.

Again, Thank You!

Grace Farah – Founder



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