Trigger’s eye on the sky

Our ‘TRIGGER’ project was inspired by a conversation with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher who made the observation that you can tell people about food allergies, you can give them materials to read, but unless they see it and see the impact that it has they can’t possibly understand and don’t really get it.
This provided a moment of clarity for me as I hadn’t considered what it must be like for teachers to have to cope with simultaneously educating and dealing with the stress of keeping food allergy kids safe.
Since TRIGGER’s launch we have been inundated with emails opening our eyes to the many areas of concern that food allergy sufferers, their families and carers have to endure and we have taken these areas of concern on board and have diligently tried to include them as part of our campaign.
Airplane travel is an area of concern that we have received many emails about. We have decided to extend our Trigger project to include this area and hopefully you will soon see Trigger as part of inflight entertainment as well as having the issue of food allergies be part of training and preparation steps taking by airlines in general.
So much to do, so little time.

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