What age should children self-carry and self-administer their auto-injector?

There are many issues regarding keeping food allergy children safe; one of the more contentious issues is at what age a child should self-carry and self-administer their auto-injector.

For many parents administering the auto-injector can be an extremely daunting task and therefore, asking a child to do it does raise concern.

We have received several emails regarding this issue and while each child is different, the decision really should be determined by their maturity, their understanding of their symptoms, willingness to take on the duty and on the advice of their family allergy expert.

The child must be ready to act in an medical emergency and in doing so, is beyond the capabilities of many children not in their teens. To start with, you can encourage your child to be involved in managing their allergies, starting with simple things like knowing to tell people what food they are allergic to, reading labels etc then progressing to practicing on a self-injection trainer and then graduating to carrying their own.

When they are confident enough, you will both know, but preparation and training are the key

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