World Allergy Week – Time for Action.

It is estimated that up to 250 million people may suffer from food allergies worldwide.
The majority of sufferers are children.
To date there is no cure for food allergies and no definitive answer as to what is causing it. What is agreed is that raising awareness is crucial.
World Allergy Week is April, 8 -14 this year
Organized by the World Allergy Organization their focus this year is
Food Allergy – A Rising Global Health Problem,
Emphasizing the great need for increased awareness, training, and
resources that lead to improved safety and quality of life.
At TRIGGER we believe food allergies are a global issue. Most countries are reporting a vast increase in food allergies and no country has reported a decline in food allergies over the past ten years.
The burden is rising in both developed and developing countries: many issues need to be addressed including the need for further studies, increased resources,
clearer food labeling etc.
This World Allergy Week; what will you do to help raise awareness?
Every little piece of awareness counts from chatting with your friends, to organizing a talk at your local school, even sharing our TRIGGER link.  IT ALL COUNTS.
To find out more please go to their website
-Thank You.

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