Your Child Has Food Allergies: Now What?

Once your child’s food allergy has been diagnosed, the initial adjustment to your family’s lifestyle can be a challenging time and a source of concern. Adjusting to living with food allergies can take some time and based on our conversations with parents it seems the first two years after diagnosis can be the most challenging.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to hopefully support you with this transition.

The first thing you need to know is that food allergies are manageable. Initially it may seem to be a daunting task to keep your child safe but food allergies can safely be managed with the proper education, preparation and support.

Always follow your doctor’s advice about ways to avoid trigger foods and remember- each child and each allergy is different.

Always remember to take your child’s medication with you. This may include antihistamine medicine, adrenaline / epinephrine autoinjectors (it is recommended that you carry more than one autoinjector).

Have a family action plan should an emergency occur.

Read labels, Read Ingredients; Shopping for a special diet can be a challenge at first and reading food labels will become a part of every-day life.

Talk to others who are dealing with the same challenges. A number of social sites and nonprofit organizations offer information and forums for discussing food allergies.

Plan ahead – Holidays, birthday parties, family gatherings, eating out and days out need more planning.  Make sure you have the right food and drink for your child and advise others of their allergy and how they can keep them safe.

Research, Research, Research. Knowledge is KEY.

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