Australia Triggers Teal This May

Melbourne is the latest Australian city to ‘Turn It Teal’ this May for Food Allergy Awareness Month.
‘Turn it Teal’ was created by Cleveland, Ohio native Stephanie Lowe in 2014, with the goal of lighting as many prominent monuments and buildings as possible to highlight Food Allergy Awareness Month.
At TRIGGER Food Allergy Awareness we are proud to have helped to make the initiative global with the lighting of the Sydney Town Hall in 2017, being the first building outside of North America to turn teal in support of Food Allergy Awareness.

This year the stunning Sydney Town Hall will once again turn teal on Sunday, 12 May.

Last year two more Australian cities, Brisbane and Perth, joined the initiative.

Brisbane will once again light the beautiful Story Bridge and the Victoria Bridge on Saturday, 4 May.
(Thanks to our friends for helping us make this happen in Brisbane)

While the Trafalgar Bridge in Perth will ‘Turn It Teal’on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May.
And we are happy to announce that Melbourne has become the latest city to join, and will light up the grand Melbourne Town Hall on Monday 13 May – Saturday 18 May

Thank you to all the great folk that helped make this happen.

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