SWISS becomes the world’s first certified “allergy-friendly” airline

Swiss International Air Lines is introducing a new “allergy-friendly” policy to accommodate the growing allergic population. The carrier will introduce a number of ground/ inflight products designed to enhance the air travel experience for allergy sufferers. These innovations will include a range of ground and in-flight products to help allergy sufferers. Additionally, lactose and gluten-free snacks and drinks, synthetic pillows and gentle-to-the-skin soaps will be available and allergy sufferers will be able to pre-order special meals tailored to their needs.

“We have seen a steady increase over the past few years in our customers’ need for an air travel environment that pays due regard to any allergic conditions,” said Frank Maier, Swiss’ head of product and services. “So we’ve been working with [the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, ECARF] to provide a concrete response to these demands to make everyone’s air travel experience as pleasant and problem-free as possible.”

SWISS is the first airline in the world to meet the ECARF criteria for ‘allergy-friendly’ airlines.  Let’s hope other airlines will follow suit.

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