Waiter fired after food allergy incident

A Jerusalem waiter has lost his job after he attached the word “retarded” to the receipt of a customer, who had explained to him that he suffered a serious nut allergy.

The waiter unintentionally forgot to erase the comment before printing the receipt which read, “The retarded kid is allergic to pine nuts.”

18 year old Lior Soltz, who suffers from severe food allergies said he and his girlfriend thought the incident was initially funny, but later felt it was important to share his experience to raise awareness about the severe dangers of food allergies, particularly amongst wait staff members, who far too often just dismiss such statements as unimportant.

Hadas Bandel, his 18 year old girl friend says, ”They don’t take it seriously enough. Many waiters think [food allergic] people are just spoiled and don’t like a certain foods, and they don’t understand how severe it is,”

They notified local media and met with the restaurants owner who promptly fired the waiter.

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