The Need To Empower Our Food Allergy Kids

Food allergy related bullying is a growing problem in schools throughout our society.

Children with food allergies can feel ostracized with a third of children reporting that they have been bullied specifically because of their allergies.

At TRIGGER- Food Allergy Awareness we know first-hand the level of perpetual vigilance required to keep food allergy sufferers safe & the strength of character required to deal with this issue.

It takes strength to always be aware of your surroundings. It takes strength to show a level of maturity required to protect yourself from that which can harm you. It takes strength to resist the temptation to just ‘fit in’ when you’re being teased and stay the course by being prepared and responsible 24 hours a day.

Children with severe food allergies are strong and all of them should be made to feel that way!

We believe it is important to encourage food allergy children to take pride in who they are and how strong they have to be to deal with this issue.

Therefore, we created our ‘BE STRONG. BE FOOD ALLERGY KID STRONG’ campaign.

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