“We didn’t know”

‘TRIGGER’ was made as  a result of my daughter’s kindergarten teacher simply saying she wished she had something to show parents. She had spent years talking to parents about food allergies and handing out brochures, but she believed people needed to actually see something visual so they could have a better understanding of what it really is like to deal with food allergies and the real dangers they present.

Since ‘TRIGGERS’ release we have had some amazing feedback from parents of non-allergic children who are saddened by how little they knew prior to seeing the film and are moved to make sure they assist in helping keep children safe. The phrase we hear all the time is “We didn’t know” and those simple three words really do sum up the problem. How can you know if you don’t live with it?

Everytime we hear or read that phrase “we didn’t know” -we know ‘TRIGGER’ is working.
It is our aim to get as many people as we can to know and we need your help to send the link for www.triggerallergy.com onto every school in your area, every restaurant, fast food outlet any organisation or any one you deem should be  shown or  showing their staff and people associated.
We need more people ‘to know.’
Thank You. 


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