Parents warn of dangers of food allergies after death of daughter

The parents of 13 year old Natalie Giorgi are warning others about the severe dangers of food allergies following the death of their daughter, who is believed to have died as a result of a fatal anaphylactic reaction to nuts.

The tragedy occurred on Friday night, the final night of the family’s camp in Sacramento, CA; it’s believed Natalie’s reaction occurred after a bite from a treat that contained nuts. Her father, Dr. Louis Giorgi, a physician, valiantly fought to save her life as she struggled to breathe.

Natalie and her twin sister shared an allergy to peanuts and the family were exceedingly careful about what both children ate.

In a statement released by her parents; “While our hearts are breaking over the tragic loss of our beautiful daughter Natalie, it is our hope that others can learn from this and realize that nut and food allergies are life-threatening. Caution and care for those inflicted should always be supported and taken.”

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